I know first-hand how profoundly the inability to speak affects a child and that child's family.


I bring a parent’s perspective to my clients, the knowledge of how to transfer and generalize skills from clinic to community, and the discipline to identify needs and create meaningful action in service of the SM population.

I am a board member of the Selective Mutism Association and its Washington State Coordinator. In that role, I field inquiries from parents, school staff, and professionals on local and national treatment options.

I have an MBA in Technology and love using my management and leadership skills to organize SM professionals and create more opportunities for treatment.

I work every day implementing the evidence-based therapies and communication techniques taught to me at the Child Mind Institute in Manhattan by Dr. Steven Kurtz and Dr. Rachel Busman.

I have trained (and continue to guide) the entire staff at my daughter’s school, her specialist teachers such as ballet, swim, gymnastics, art, and music…, and have given multiple presentations around the Puget Sound region to parents and professionals on Selective Mutism.

I have years of real-world practice with therapies such as child-directed interaction, verbal-directed interaction, desensitization, and behavioral therapy. From the barista at Starbucks to the pastor at church, everyone provides an opportunity to break a child's silence. 

I am not a licensed psychologist or licensed therapist.